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Welcome to Barrier Solutions, the flood protection specialists

Barrier Solutions is the sole provider of the flood defense barrier FLOODSTOP in the USA

24" High Floodstop Barrier

The FLOODSTOP flood protection system from Barrier Solutions provides innovative, pragmatic and cost effective flood protection with award winning flood defense barriers. Units can be provided in many colors. Including red, white, dark green, grey, black, yellow and blue.

Quick to deploy

25" High Floodstop Barrier (Floodstop 650)

The 25" High Floodstop is our newest flood barrier in the popular Floodstop range. Extremely simple and easy to deploy. Each modular unit is 3.9 foot (48") in length and uniquely, the connection key is moulded into the modular unit. Meaning one less step for deployment.

Quick to deploy

36" High Floodstop Barrier

FLOODSTOP flood defense pods actually fill with the rising flood waters; which combined with the weighted universal keys ensures the assembled flood barrier holds back flood waters. Cost effective and versatile. FLOODSTOP is patent protected technology.

For greater flood heights

FloodFence™ Water Diverter

FloodFence™ is a lightweight and quick to deploy water diversionary barricade. The system can be connected and deployed rapidly to divert fast flowing waters away from assets. You can fit many FloodFence units onto a single pallet when not deployed.

Divert & deflect flowing water


Here are just some of the benefits of our products

Highly Effective

Used around the world to protect homes and businesses from floods

Quick To Deploy

All of our products are designed to be quick to deploy for just one or two people

Easy To Store

All of our products are very robust and stackable, making them easy to store

Type of flood protection required

A home or small business

A large business or municipalities

Barrier Solutions are the sole provider
of the flood defense barrier FLOODSTOP.

FLOODSTOP -flood protection is a unique and innovative flood defense barrier that uses the rising floodwater to create flood protection. To view a comprehensive datasheet detailing FLOODSTOP please CLICK HERE.

We are a multi award-winning company that provides functional, economical flood defenses for households, businesses and municipalities. At Barrier Solutions we are passionate about making a real difference to individuals who suffer from the heartache of flood damage.

FLOODSTOP - flood protection is a rapidly deployable flood defense barrier that is used around the world to protect utilities, businesses and households at risk from flooding. Several major utilities have successfully deployed the flood barrier on many occasions.

FLOODSTOP - flood defense barrier is more cost effective and more reliable than sandbags. In recent years, FLOODSTOP has won the Emergency Planning Society's Most Innovative Product of the Year Award.

CLICK HERE to watch a demonstration of the flood defense barrier, FLOODSTOP

If you are a private householder or business, visit our Private Household and Business page to see how we can help you with flood protection.

If you represent a municipality, click our municipalities page to see the options available for flood defenses.

To find out more about how Barrier Solutions can protect you from flooding, please email us at for details and prices.

We are the sole provider of the innovative

flood defence barrier – FLOODSTOP.

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