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Why Choose FloodFence

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Quick To Deploy

Simply connect up units and its ready to go!

Cost Effective

Low cost system

Easy To Store

Stack many units to a single pallet

Product Information


FloodFence™ Barricade is a lightweight and rapid to deploy water diversionary system. The system can be connected and deployed very quickly.

Each unit incorporates a slim line base gasket allowing sealing to the ground terrain. Use is recommended on hard-standings. This system is ideal for controlling flowing water, for example diverting or deflecting damaging water flows to where you want them. Uses include for burst water mains and control of surface water run off.

Each individual Flood Fence™ barricade unit is 17" high and 39" in length. When connected up to other units the effective length of each unit is 35.8".

FloodFence is a water diversion system - for protecting (blocking off) a specific opening from flood waters we recommend the use of the award-winning Floodstop flood barriers.

Minimum order quantity for FloodFence is 35 Units.


Key Benefits

  • Quick and easy to deploy – just connect up the units

  • Minimal Storage. Units stack neatly, you can fit many to a single pallet.

  • System uses the force of the flowing water to remain in place

  • Durable 

  • Easy to connect up the FloodFence™ units to each other

  • Each barricade incorporates hard wearing gaskets for sealing

  • Rapid water flow diversion for businesses and households

  • Water diversion & deflection for drainage and burst water pipes

  • Chemical spill diversion

Let us help you protect your home or business from flooding...

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