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If your home or business is at risk of flooding inadequate flood defenses could cause you major stress every time a flood warning is issued. Flood damage costs can run into tens of thousands of dollars – crippling for businesses and homeowners. That’s why effective flood protection is essential.

The Floodstop flood protection system from Barrier Solutions LLC provides an innovative, pragmatic and cost effective solution.

Flood insurance is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, and most home and business owners are aware that they must take responsibility in protecting their properties from the risk of flooding. Responsibility for protection begins with the individual home or business owner. Floodstop flood protection systems can help.

We provide proven flood barrier solutions to enable you to protect your home or business. Please review our solutions in the above 'Flood Barriers' menu.

  • Perfect for 'blocking off' and protecting driveways or garage doors
  • Rapidly deployable flood barrier system
  • Can be assembled by one or two persons
  • Affordable
  • More cost effective and versatile flood protection than sandbags
  • Self-balancing with no bolting required
  • Multi-hub connection pod for easy connection to walls etc
  • Units nest into each other for easy storage
  • Recyclable and reusable.


Quick To Deploy

Rapidly deployable flood defence system that can be assembled by one or two people

Cost Effective

A highly effective system with a lower cost and vastly superior flood protection than sandbags

Robust System

Self-balancing with no bolting required. Wall connections can be made with ease

Easy to store

Recyclable, reusable and can be used as leverage to gain flood insurance

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To get a quotation and deployment plan showing how Floodstop would be arranged at your location please contact us with the measurement(s) of the opening, delivery postcode and any photos you may have to hand.

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