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Multi-Hub Pod – Flood Barrier System

How does it work?

The Multi-Hub pod can be assembled on to a FS24 or FS36 FLOODSTOP flood barrier system. It allows you to meet various gaps and angles with ease.

Units can be provided in many colors. Including red, white, dark green, black, grey, yellow and blue.

Product uses:

  • Clean and rapid connection to in-situ objects such as walls
  • 60 to 90º Corner unit

Suitable terrain:

  • Typical hard standings such as roads, pavements, pathways etc.
  • Grass or soil, depending on undulations
  • Not recommended for use on gravel or polished surfaces


  • Rapidly deployable flood defense system
  • Can be assembled by one person
  • Highly flexible system
  • Affordable
  • More cost effective and versatile flood protection than sandbags
  • Self-balancing with no bolting required
  • Multi-hub connection pod for easy connection to walls etc
  • Units nest into each other for easy storage
  • Recyclable and reusable
  • Can be used as leverage to gain flood insurance
  • Multi-functional in communities, also functions as a road traffic delineator barrier and reservoir system

Multi-Hub Options

MH24 Pod

MH24 Standard unit dimensions:

Approx 27” (L) x 24”(H) x 15” (D)

MH24 Unit Weight: Approx 20lbs

MH36 Pod

MH36 Standard unit dimensions:

Approx 29” (L) x 36”(H) x 17” (D)

MH36 Unit Weight: Approx 40lbs



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