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Floodstop protects a large number of electrical stations

Western Power Distribution, part owned by PPL Corporation  (formerly known as  Pennsylvania Power and Light) a USA based electric...

san francisco flood

Floodstop on US News in San Francisco

“With heavy rain forecast for Friday, San Francisco officials are taking a new approach to prevent flood damage. Floodstop...

Floodstop manufactured in the USA

Following the huge success of the Floodstop barriers in Europe.  Floodstop is now being manufactured and supplied in the...

The Mayflower Pilgrims – Floodstop protect historic site

The historic Ship – The Mayflower – which transported English separates to the new World in 1620 set off...

Did you know Floodstop protects many USA sites

Floodstop – a rapidly deployable flood defense barrier – has been supplied throughout the USA to protect households, businesses...

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